Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rave for Honesty

Last Sunday as Donna left work at the airport, she lost her phone. She tried all the usual places for lost and found, re-traced her steps and still nothing. At about 1:30 PM I received a call from her phone and I didn't get to it in time so naturally I called back only to get voice mail. At the time I didn't think much of it since it was slightly past her usual time to get home and I was guessing she was close.

Well she was but without her phone. Of course I called our service provider Verizon and temporarily suspended service. All of our current contracts are fairly new so this could have been expensive.

Around 9:30 PM I received another call and someone on the other line said is this bear? (my nickname) I said yes it is. The woman on the other end said we found Donna's phone. Can you pick it up? Of course I said sure but then they gave me the address to meet and 67th Avenue and Van Buren was a bit far to go after 9:30 PM from Chandler.

We arranged to meet her mother at 6:00 PM at a Burger King on the corner. She arrived and handed me the phone and all I could say to her was gracias, mucho gracias over and over. I pressed $20 in her palm and she tried to give it back but I insisted. Honesty should be rewarded and I pointed to her grandchildren in the back seat and said take them for pizza. She smiled and we parted ways.

It truly feels good to know some people are willing to go an extra mile to return something as important now a days as a cell phone. So here is a big rave for an honest grandma and her daughter.

Mucho gracias!

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  1. In this era of negativity & sensationalism, what a joy it is to hear your story. The Honest Woman of Chandler is not only a celebration of humanity, but also sets an example for her grandchildren. It shows the virtuous life she embodies.


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